Cell Phone

There are many questions to ask when thinking about getting your child a cell phone. There are some conveniences to it, but what are the drawbacks? Some parents are waiting until their child is around the ages of 10 to 12 before allowing their child to have one of these electronics. They can be a distraction from school work, child’s play, and give them access to things that are not appropriate for children. Cell phones are also expensive, and children are more likely to lose or damage these high functioning devices.

mobile-phoneOne of the major draws to getting your child a mobile phone is that you would be able to reach them at any time. This can put your mind at ease if plans quickly change, if there is an emergency, or you need to know where they are. There are also apps that can be added to phones that can use the GPS, to show you where your child really is if you feel like they are trying to hide it from you, or if they get lost. This can be a great way to combat safety issues that parents might have.

If you do think that your child is ready for a phone, you might want to come up with some rules. Only allowing them to have access to the phone while they are away from home can keep their distractions from homework and sleep down to a minimum. You should also have full access to any security codes that are set on the phone, so you can make sure your child is not getting into anything that could be dangerous or harmful. Parents should also pay attention to who their child is talking to and make sure they are not a safety threat. There are also parental controls that can be set on phones and their plans that can keep app purchases at bay. Sometimes kids do no realize they are purchasing an app, music, or movies, and can make their parents’ cell bills skyrocket. Make sure you explain thoroughly what the expectations are of their cell usage, and any safety concerns that you may have.

cell-phoneIf you do decide to get your child a phone, you might want to start out with one that is not so high tech or expensive. This way, they will be able to handle the features better and learn how to properly use one before moving on to the higher end models. As long as you feel that your child is ready to have one of these devices, and rules are set, it may end up being helpful to you and your family in many ways.